4 Places to Find Wedding...

4 Places to Find Wedding Inspiration

The best part of my work is when I get to sit with the wedding couple and help them to create an underlying theme for their very special day. I absolutely love capturing the vision or simply the littlest things that are important to the couple. The best weddings are unique and personal. They showcase the couple’s personalities, dreams, and interests. They turn a day of celebration into an event to remember. But where do you find the inspiration to create such an irreplaceable day? Here are four suggestions.


Jot down a list of your favorite movies. (Be sure to include your fiancé in this activity.) Also, consider your favorite movie scenes. You can then use elements of your favorite movie or scene to create a unique wedding theme. For instance, you could choose the time period of your favorite movie to create a 1920s or 1950s themed wedding. You could choose a setting from a movie to incorporate into your day such as a carnival or lake. The key is to think outside of the box.


Again, jot down your favorite titles and scenes. Perhaps, you love a scene where a couple gets married at a mansion, so you could get married at a mansion. Or perhaps your favorite book is a picture book, and you want to use the colors and images to inspire your wedding theme. A Dr. Seuss inspired wedding? Why not?


If you go to the bookstore, you will find magazines on a wide array of subjects, and you may be surprised by where you can find inspiration. Sure, you can look in the popular wedding magazines, but there are other options. For instance, check out celebrity gossip magazines to steal ideas from the stars, or look in interior design magazines for fun color and décor ideas.

Your Photo Albums

Look for pictures of your most memorable dates, fun vacations, and favorite holidays. You can use these images to come up with themes that showcase your relationship. If you and your fiancé love to travel, incorporate your favorite locations into your wedding day. If you and your fiancé go to wine tastings every month, use wineries as your inspiration. Be creative and authentic.

For more wedding inspirations, check out other people’s weddings. Look through bridal magazines, talk to friends and family, and search the web. You can also consult your wedding planner for ideas and themes. After all, the definition of a good idea is a new spin on or unusual combination of old ideas.

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