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5 Ways to Make Your Wedding More Comfortable for a Pregnant Bridesmaid

According to one source, 50% of weddings include a bridesmaid with a bump. This is especially true for older brides whose bridesmaids are already married. Although a pregnant bridesmaid can be a delicate situation, there are ways to make the wedding planning and wedding day more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone involved. Here are a few suggestions.

Talk about Finances
Being in a wedding can be a big financial commitment, especially when you are preparing for a baby. As soon as you find out your bridesmaid is pregnant (or as soon as you ask her to be in the wedding, if you already know about the pregnancy), discuss your financial expectations. What are the bridesmaids expected to buy and pay for? What are you, as the bride, paying for? When is payment for each expense expected?

Make her Feel Pretty
Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but many women are self-conscious about their changing figures. Be sure to take this into consideration as you make discussions about wedding attire. Choose a dress that is flattering and comfortable for a growing mom-to-be, and choose accessories that make the bridesmaid feel pretty and comfortable. For instance, six inch heels are not realistic for an expecting bridesmaid, but statement jewelry and professionally done make-up will draw attention away from the belly and up to the mom-to-be’s pretty face.

Take Time to Unwind
Pregnant women get tired very easily, especially during the first and third trimester. Be sure to include time for breaks during wedding plan productions and on the day of your wedding. Also, make relaxation a priority. Spend a day getting pampered before the big day, or take a yoga class together. This will not only help your pregnant bridesmaid stay stress-free, but it will also help you unwind before the big day. Plus, it is a great way to fit in bridesmaid/bride bonding time before the big day.

Remember the Importance of Food
Pregnant women need to eat healthy, and they are encouraged to eat every three to four hours. On the day of your wedding (or anytime you are working on wedding tasks), be sure to include time for snacks. You don’t want anyone getting sick because they haven’t eaten in hours. Also, consider your pregnant bridesmaid when choosing menu options. (This includes the rehearsal dinner, shower, bachelorette party, reception, and any other event that revolves around food.) If you are unsure what types of food are appropriate for a mom-to-be, ask your bridesmaid about her dietary needs.

Talk to Your Bridesmaid
Throughout the wedding planning process and on the day of your wedding, check in with your pregnant bridesmaid. Find out what her concerns and fears are. Also, ask her what will make her comfortable or uncomfortable. The key to a happy expecting bridesmaid is a few simple accommodations to make her more at ease.

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