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Alternative Centerpiece Ideas

Most people automatically choose floral centerpieces for their reception décor, but are so many creative options that will make your wedding unique and memorable. Here are a few Centerpiece ideas to inspire you.

Bird Cages
Bird cages are perfect for vintage-inspired weddings. You can decorate them with candles and/or flowers for an elegant look.

Lanterns are a perfect way to set a romantic tone. You can decorate the lanterns with a floral ring, individual flowers or votive candles.

Seashells are perfect for beach or summer weddings. Floating candles and votives are a great way to set a romantic tone, or you can keep it simple by using just shells. You could also incorporate sand in your centerpieces.

This is a simple and inexpensive idea that is perfect for a winter wedding. You can find any color ornaments to match your theme. You could also use different shaped containers and/or different color ornaments on each table.

This is perfect for a spring or summer wedding. You can use other types of fruit to match different wedding themes and seasons. Also, don’t forget about vegetables.

This is perfect for a fall wedding.

Wine bottles
Wine bottles are elegant and classic. You can use them as vases for flowers, candle holders or picture holders.

This is perfect for the couple with a sweet tooth. The lollipops can be part of your wedding favors. You could also fill assorted glassware with bite size candies.

Potted herbs
This idea is great because it is eco-friendly and your guests can take the plants home after the wedding.

This is great because there are so many possibilities. You can arrange cupcakes in a bouquet, on a cupcake tree or in martini glasses. You could also place individual cakes on each table. This can save you money on your wedding cake because guests could eat the “centerpiece” for dessert, which means a smaller “wedding” cake.

We’d love to know, which alternative centerpiece is your favorite? Do you have any other unique ideas you could share with us?

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