DIY Place Cards

DIY Place Cards

A few weeks back I wrote on DIY projects and the dos & don’ts of them. Well I could not pass up this opportunity to share this story with you this week. One of my lovely brides recently shared an amazing idea for DIY place cards. It’s a Chinese and American wedding and needless to say the entire theme is filled with cultural fusion. The bride wanted to combine the two cultures to create a unique seating card. Check out this awesome picture of the finished product.

To copy this idea, you need: chop sticks and two types of paper (One should be thick such as cardstock. This will be the base of the place card. The top paper should be lighter. You can buy paper with a pretty design or use your printer to create a personalized image.)

DIY place cards are a great way to add a personal touch to your reception. Adding an element from your heritage makes them even more special. Here are a few other ideas for place cards that incorporate different cultures.

These African-inspired place cards are simple yet elegant.

These Celtic place card holders are perfect for an Irish-inspired wedding.

These are perfect for an Indian-inspired wedding.

These wine cork place cards are perfect for an Italian-inspired wedding.

We’d love to know, what type of place cards do you plan on using for your big day? Do you plan on showcasing your heritage in any way?

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