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How to Create an Online Wedding Inspiration Board

recently discovered a new website that I am obsessed with: Pinterest. This website allows you to create virtual inspiration by “pinning” photos to an inspiration board.

Inspiration boards are a great way to organize your wedding ideas or to visualize your day as a whole. Every time you meet with a vendor and make an important decision, you can take your ideas with me. This helped the vendors visualize my likes and dislikes and allowed them to show me options that matched my needs.

Pinterest allows you to share your inspiration boards with other people, so it is easy to send your ideas to vendors. Also, the Pinterest community is similar to other social network sites because you can follow and view other users’ inspiration boards. Before meeting with a vendor, send them a link to your inspiration board and ask if they usePinterest. They may be willing to create an inspiration board with ideas they gathered especially for you.

The second type of inspiration board I created was a “day of” board. Here I collected photos, sketches, color swatches, etc. for all of the decisions I’d made. So I had a picture of my dress and a sample of my bridesmaids dresses. I also had a copy of the seating chart and a picture of the centerpieces. This board allowed me to visualize my wedding day as a whole rather than as individual decisions.

As I updated my “day of” board, I would contact my vendors to keep them up-to-date. For instance, once I choose my bridesmaids dresses, I sent a picture to the florist and she suggested we wrap black lace around the bouquet to match the black lace detailing on the gowns. If she had never seen the picture, she would not have come up with the idea.

With Pinterest, you can keep your vendors in the loop by simply by sending them a link to your inspiration board. This allows them to visualize your day as a whole and help make your dream wedding come true. If this seems overwhelming, you may consider asking your wedding planner to handle these details for you.

To start gathering ideas for your own inspiration board, check other users’ boards at

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