How to Have a Kid-Friend...

How to Have a Kid-Friendly Wedding

If you decide to invite children to the reception, there are a few ways you can keep the event fun and stress-free.

Pick the right food
Sure, fancy entrees and appetizers are appealing to adults, but most kids will be turned off by food that is unfamiliar. To keep their little bellies satisfied (no one wants hungry kids at a wedding), offer a kid-friendly option(s). Classic options include chicken fingers, hot dogs, and grilled cheese. Bonus: These meals are typically cheaper than traditional wedding meals so you may save some money.

Put them together
The easiest way to bore children and inspire mischief: sit them at a table with a bunch of boring adults. Be careful when making the seating chart. You could place families with children together or you could have a few teenagers sit at the “kids table” and supervise.

Consider Location
Another thing you need to consider when creating the seating chart is location. Families with young children may want to be close to an exit or bathroom and not near the loud speakers.

Offer entertainment
If you keep the kids entertained, you may not even know they are there. Give each child a gift bag with age-appropriate games and entertainment. Some easy options include crayons, coloring books, craft sets, etc. These gift bags don’t have to be expensive since many of the items can be found at the dollar store. You could also set up a “game station” featuring board games and crafts.

Hire a babysitter
Many parents want to be able to enjoy a wedding without worrying about their children. They’d rather be dancing than making bead necklaces. To help the parents and children have fun, consider hiring a babysitter (or two, depending on how many children are in attendance). If possible, you could create a “kids only lounge” in a separate room, or you could simply have a spot in the reception room to entertain the children.

The goal is to keep the reception fun and stress-free. You don’t want guests upset because they are next to a child who is not behaving, but you also don’t want parents to feel excluded or stressed out. The above options can make the wedding fun for everyone.

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