Wedding Insurance Explai...

Wedding Insurance Explained

We all want our wedding day to be perfect, but sometimes the unexpected happens. Unforeseen productions, such as natural disasters or extreme illness, cannot only ruin your wedding day but also cost you a lot of money! To protect yourself, you may want to consider wedding insurance. Like other insurances, you will pay a premium for protection in the event of a disaster. To determine if wedding insurance is right for you, read below.

Weddings are an Investment
According to, the average wedding in 2013 will cost nearly $27,000! That is a lot of money to invest in your big day! For a few hundred dollars, you can protect your investment from productions such as a bankrupt vendor or family illness.

You Need to Read the Agreement
Most wedding insurance companies offer comprehensive coverage. This means you could be reimbursed for deposits, vendor payments, travel costs, and other expenses if you need to cancel or postpone the wedding. Of course, the reason for cancelation or postponement needs to be covered by the policy, so be sure to read the agreement carefully.

Protect Yourself from a Lawsuit
As ridiculous as it sounds, you can be sued if someone is injured at your wedding productions. While most vendors have their own liability insurance, you can protect yourself by purchasing personal liability insurance. Always ask to see documentation of the vendor’s liability insurance before signing a contract. You should also check that your venue has Liquor Liability Insurance if you will be serving alcohol at your reception. To be extra safe, you could purchase your own Liquor Liability Insurance.

What Wedding Insurance Covers
Some of the most common problems that are covered by wedding insurance include the following:
-Extreme Weather
-Serious Illness and Injury
-Vendors who don’t show up or go out of business
-Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Wedding Attire
-Military Absence

These are just a few things to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to purchase wedding insurance. To determine what option is best for you, talk to a professional. Hopefully you won’t have to use the insurance, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

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