Why Winter Weddings Are ...

Why Winter Weddings Are Fabulous

The busiest time for weddings is spring, early summer and early fall because of the nice temperatures and pretty scenery, but there is another season that is perfect for your big day — winter. Most people fear winter because of the cold weather and potential snowstorms. Despite the chilly temperatures, there are major benefits to winter weddings. Here just a few.

Most Likely, Your Date is Free
Many vendors start booking weddings at least a year ahead of time. If you have your heart set on a particular vendor, you have to book early, especially if the vendor is a popular choice. There are also issues at dress stores, which are hectic during traditional wedding seasons. One of the benefits of a winter wedding is the availability. Vendors are less likely to be booked up, and your dress bouquet will have more time to accommodate your needs.

You Can Get Married in a Romantic Winter Wonderland
Many brides fear snow on their wedding day, but it can a beautiful advantage to a winter wedding because you will have the opportunity to take stunning pictures that only occur in the winter. Check out photos online for some inspiration. Just make sure you have a backup plan in case of heavy snow. Most venues have a cancellation or postponement policy. Be sure to ask about these policies prior to signing your contracts.

You Can Save Some Cash
Because vendors are less busy in the winter, they may be willing to offer discounts. You might be able to score a significant discount on everything from the venue to the photographer to the florist to the DJ. Plus, you could find great savings on your honeymoon. Like the wedding industry, companies in the travel industry offer winter discounts because it is the slow season (unless you are getting married near the holidays). You can save money on the flight, hotel and even excursions.

When choosing a wedding date, be sure to consider your overall vision and budget. A winter wedding is perfect couples who are willing to take a few risks, are looking to save a little money and/or who want a romantic, winter setting. Happy planning!

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