Mita organized our Christmas Party in 2008 at a beautiful hotel overlooking the ocean in Atla, a non for profit hospital we didn’t have the budget for a holiday party, however Mita worked well with designed an event well under our budget and did the entire legwork for us. We not only save the event, the employees had a blast!Mita’s sense of professionalism and the knowledge of operations awed me. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you.

Mr. Bernstein Administrator
Carrier Clinic

We finalized a contract with H.O.T. Photography after getting the referral from Mita. Our original photographer had a death in the family and had to cancel at the last minute. Although H.O.T. was busy that day, she was able to convince them to free one of their photographers for my event. And the pictures will be cherished forever.

Rubina Desai New York, NY

Hello, Mita Events was the best investment we made for our wedding. We hired Mita’s team for the entire wedding planning. They were with us right from the start to the end! She did everything and she came in on my wedding day and to oversee the set up, ceremony and reception. She did a wonderful job making sure everything went smoothly. I cannot imagine what my day would have turned out like if Mita had not been there!!! I have told everyone known how much we loved having her there. I highly recommend her! Thanks Mita and Productions!

Amit Patel Old Bridge, NJ

My mom hired Mita’s services to help her organize my Sangeet/Mehndi. Knowing how I am, my mom wanted someone who can please me. Mita first sat with me and spent hours to find out about my likes and dislikes…who knew that she was going to design my eve keeping that in mind. She organized my Sangeet with a Barbie Theme as I have a spec linked to it. I know it sounds funny, but when I came out looking like an Indian Barbie everyone was stunned! Thanks Mita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you!

Shrija Ghosh Boontown, NJ

Mita assisted me during the final stages of my July 2011 wedding in San Ramon. Work was piling up at my job, time was at a minimum so I contacted a few wedding planners. I ulitmately chose Mita because she was very responsive, professional, so energetic and really listened to me during our inital meeting. She gave me “homework”(draft my wedding timeline) after I booked her, which I didn’t complete on time. She sent kind reminders and I knew within a month of my wedding, it should’ve be done. Without her, I probably would of done it the week before. Because I booked Mita towards the end, my vision of my wedding was complete and my vendors were all booked. What impressed me the most was the day she met the site coordinator at my venue. She was a little on the “strict” side and everytime I asked for something, the site coordinator would say no. Mita brought her assistant Joneita for my husband and I to meet her and they both talked to the site coordinator insisting that it was my day and to see what they could do to make it happen, mind you that the requests weren’t out of the ordinary. I could tell that tension was in the room, but things were handled professionally and I got what I wanted. We were down to the wire and Mita reminded me of the last few items that I didn’t have (like champagne flutes) and told me she would take care of it. In the case of the champagne flutes, she called her contacts, double checked the price with me, picked them up prior to the wedding, delivered it the venue, and returned them back after the wedding. This was the last thing any bride should think about. 2 weeks before she also offered to call all my vendors to remind them of the big day (you never know some might forget), introduce herself to them and to also pick up anything I needed. Fast forward, the day of the wedding went flawless, Mita & Joneita made sure I was taken care. I could not of asked for a better team! Throughout the process, they were ALWAYS available via email, phone or BBM, response time was very important to me especially when it came to crunch time.

Erika Wedding: 7/23/11
San Ramon, CA

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